Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gatnet/African Streets update

This blog was originally set up in January 2005 in the hope of proving useful as a tool to extend the work and reach of the GATNET: Gender and Transport Community of Practice project whose listserv is located at

Our reasons for launching this support project were set out at the time here -

Over the course of the five years that have since passed this site has been little used. In all it has received only a bit more than 1600 visitors, a pace of about one a day. The following map shows the origins of the last visitors as of this date.

We are looking at this site again in the context of a new project that is receiving attention here at New Mobility Partnerships as a result of a commitment on our part of give much greater attention to providing information on and supporting as best we can sustainable transport projects in Africa, with particular attention to matters relating to fair transport for women and children. You can see our working notes on that program here at

If you wish to follow progress on the African Streets projects, here are two handy points of reference. (a) The working forum which you can find at (b) The Gatnet discussions about this at ; and (c) the ongoing articles and discussions on World Streets that involve African Streets issues which you can pick up at

Have any ideas for us, or wish to join these discussions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. A good starting point is to contact or Skype to newmobility.


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