Monday, January 30, 2006

Gender, Equality and Transport - An invitation

This is a preliminary posting, a place-holder the objective of which is simply to mark this terrain as a first step, and then invite the members of the GATNET group and others interested in these issues to come in and help us define and put these means to work.

I see this as a step-wise process which I put before you today for your reactions, suggestions and eventual collaboration. Here are the steps as I see them this afternoon in the waning sun of Paris:

  1. I invite you to have a look and then let me know what you think for next steps. In all this I am acting as your temporary secretary and web assistant, and see this as but the first step in the process of turning this into a collaborative instrument which will be defined and run in time by those of you who wish to pick up this challenge.

  2. Let me start by saying though, that while this is no big deal, it could turn out to be useful for us. Unlike the content of newsgroups, the content here tends to be picked up quite nicely by Google, meaning that articles that appear here are going to have a quite wider ‘reach’ than what we can expect to achieve through our internal communications.

  3. And so, if you think this is an idea worth pursuing, the first thing that you might consider doing is joining us as a “Contributor “ to our collaborative effort. This is again no big deal, but it does serve as a first step to mark this as something which belongs to us all (and in the process serves to erase the awful reference to me and photo that currently mars the bottom right column of our fine new page.

  4. Another thing that would be good to hear from you about, would be the selection of links to which we are trying to provide here easy one-click access. Also if there are any good blogs on our topics. (I have started the listing for both but this is mainly just to get the juices flowing.)

  5. For the record, my personal preference for browsing and moving beyond this is to go to the proposed GATNET home page (at Http:// ) which has the advantage of providing handy links to various bits of the Dgroups site, the IFRTD home page on this, and a few other useful things. But that’s just a personal preference.

So if you think this might be something we could build on, please get in touch and I will do my best to take this the next steps. I look forward with real interest to hearing from you.

Eric Britton

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Paris France

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